Monday, October 16, 2017


     The life of a Sangha amazes me.The past few weeks has been a time of resting and renewing. Some members have moved out of town, some have had work commitments that did not fit the schedule, some have had serious health issues, some have taken up the challenge of leading groups that targeted particular issues.As I reflect upon the ever changing configuration of Singing Stones Sangha since it's birth in 2009, I am amazed at the impact on the life and work of the people who have been participants, the relationships that have been formed and life decisions that have been made. We have gone through incredible change and growth, both the deepest of pain and the highest of joy.
     From the onset of Singing Stones, I have felt  the challenges of today's life are demanding  we find the ways to live in communities that live mindfully in compassion and non-violent engagement. Mindful practice in a Sangha community is one way to nurture the awareness and skills to bring about  a more peaceful world. Participants may change, issues may change but the experience and dynamic energies of growth and healing continue in ways that continue out into the universe. Even a short time in a community of mindful practice gives us insights and skills that we carry with us indefinitely as we engage the world in our family and  our community. May the merit of our practice and our life together benefit all beings. Namaste

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