Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mindful Presence as Practice

         These days are a dancing spiral of clouds and sunshine, of warmth and coldness. Moments and days of Silence are also that same dance, a dance where Silence is Absence and isolation,  an empty dark void where there is a draining black hole that drains the energy of your soul or there is the Silence of Presence where one deeply knows the power and empowerment of commitment and connection.
        In absence there is an  aloneness in the living of life that takes one into the depths of darkness of doubt, fear, judgement and isolation. The task becomes one of survival and one becomes enmeshed and entangled in all the power needs of survival.
            Perhaps as we engage the Disciplines of Mindful Practice we need to stay aware there is a profound difference between the Silence of Presence and The Silence of Absence and what is nurturing the deep energies of  Presence and Community. which leads to the outcomes of deep inner  peace, compassion and the living of loving kindness.
           Think about the shifts of energy that occur in your body, mind, thinking, your spirit self when there is the unexpected phone call, the cards of encouragement and appreciation, an offer of help and assistance for a tough job, or  the e-mail ,This does not even touch the power of  the unexpected visit or the invitation to a meal. These are the simple acts of loving-kindness that empower, encourage, connect, renew and heal. These simple ordinary acts are the makings of the soul of family and community. They are life builders, spirit healers and soul makers They heal, empower and create the manifestation of dreams and hopes.They transcend and transform all of the differences which we create to keep us separated as human beings.
       I encourage us all to stay aware of  the  vast differences between the Silence that is found in the Community of Presence of the Sangha and the absence felt in  Silence of the Void. We have an incredible gift inbeing able to  access  the  profound power in that Community of Presence. It is Peace and Compassion in every step.
We can choose the steps we take in the dance and the music to which we move. Where ever we are is a place of the dance.
.Be Present! Be Mindful! Be Peace!
Anne: Peaceful Home of The Heart OIB

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